Ordering Terms and Conditions

Orders must be placed to Keshograt Pvt (Ltd) t/a Techworld and Techworld will provide order confirmation in the form of an invoice with price, bank details and delivery dates.

A penalty fee will be charged on all cancelled orders.

Payment should be made on delivery or within 14 days of delivery according to payment arrangements.  Credit approval is strictly 30 days. Payment is by Bank Transfer or Cash. Cheque payments to be authorised by the management.

All prices exclude VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Most of our standard products are available ex-stock. For large quantities, 3-4 weeks lead time is needed

  • Guarantee for Laptops, Desktops and Printers is granted for 3 months from the date of delivery and the Warranty is granted for 9 months from the date of delivery.

Guarantee for Cell phones and Tablets is granted at 1 week from date of delivery and the Warranty is granted for 6 months from date of delivery

Terms and conditions outside our Standard Terms and Conditions must be authorised by the Manager before any changes are accepted.